2000 Saturn LS2 ac repair

Discussion in 'Saturn L-series' started by twizzled1, Sep 6, 2005.

  1. twizzled1

    twizzled1 Guest

    I have all of the new parts to put my ac back together...condenser,
    evaporator, new cooling fan, however, I am not sure about taking the
    rubber plugs out of the evap., and the condenser. Once air gets into them,
    will they go bad, do I have to do it quickly, do I have a little bit of
    grey area here. Also, should I replace the o-rings on the pipes that fit
    into the evaporator. I am kind of lost here, please help. thanks, eric
    twizzled1, Sep 6, 2005
  2. twizzled1

    blah blah Guest

    Not sure why all thats being replaced... Air shouldnt effect those
    things but humidity and dirt isnt good for your ac system. Your
    receiver/dehydrator assembly however will go bad if it is allowed to
    draw moisture. You should replace it if you havent already and it should
    be kept sealed (hook it up last on a dry day). All o-rings that you can
    replace should be replaced. They are a special nitrile o-rings. I'm not
    sure if the cheap kit from harbor freight will qualify as replacements.

    The receiver/dehydrator (R/D) is located to the left of the condenser
    and is mounted in a bracket which is welded to the condenser. Its
    purpose is to act as a reservoir for liquid R134a refrigerant received
    from the condenser. A constant flow of liquid refrigerant must be
    supplied to the TXV to allow it to regulate properly. The R/D assembly
    also contains a desiccant bag which absorbs any moisture that may have
    entered the system. The R/D assembly should be replaced any time it has
    been open to the atmosphere for an extended period of time as the
    desiccant will become saturated.

    Once everything is together a vacuum can be put on the system to remove
    all air and moisture from the system (except for what the desiccant
    absorbed). It can be left under vacuum to check for leaks as well. This
    is something I'm sure you're not equipped to do. Also the right type and
    amount of oil needs to be added. "Do Not" use mineral oil on the o-rings
    as it is a 134a system. For more information you can try
    blah blah, Sep 6, 2005
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