1997 Saturn SC2 Power Steering & Sunroof

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Frank, Jul 30, 2003.

  1. Frank

    Frank Guest

    I was inspecting my sunroof after deciding it was a good time to lubricate
    the moving parts after 6 years of use. To my horror, I noticed that the
    frame, especially the rear, was rusting away badly. Part of the problem
    stems from the break in the rubber seal on the bottom center portion of the
    sunroof. I bought a torx screwdriver, removed the roof, removed as much
    rust as possible by grinding it and using rust remover and repainted it with
    tremclad. I installed the roof all right and didn't notice further problems
    until about two days ago...I now need to slam the inner part shut as it gets
    stuck way...a minor nuisance. Anyhow, just a warning to those with sunroofs
    to check them carefully as the rust is not easily seen without inspection.
    I am really disappointed how poorly designed it is and how susceptible it is
    to rust due to leaks and condensation.

    Another issue I have is that my power steering now emits a slight groan when
    pulling into or out of parking. My fluid levels are ok. Is this the
    beginning of the end for my power steering pump? I avoid straining it by
    making sure I'm in motion when I steer. Any ideas or tips?


    Frank, Jul 30, 2003
  2. Frank

    Frank Guest

    by the way, I have 120,000kms on it.
    Frank, Jul 30, 2003
  3. Frank

    Magen Guest

    I had the same problem with my sunroof rusting, my head liner also became

    Also, my Saturn started groaning when slow turning, the front tie rod
    needed greasing.
    Good Luck
    Magen, Aug 1, 2003
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