1995 Saturn SL2

Discussion in 'Saturn S-series' started by ysone, Oct 5, 2004.

  1. ysone

    ysone Guest

    I have a 95 Saturn, with a 98 DOHC engine and trans. It has been running
    great for six months til lately. It has developed a no power situation.
    When it goes into 3rd gear (auto) it surges. When I rev the engine up in
    neutral it is fine. Also top speed is 50 mph on the floor. It slows down
    considerable going up a hill and will not downshift. I have replaced the
    fuel filter, plug wires, plugs, air filter, changed oil and filter, and
    serviced the trans, accessed the computer and it has a repeating code
    I checked fuel pump pressure and I have 35psi at the access fitting at the
    engine. I have been told it might be a clogged converter. It seems to blow
    exhaust fine when rev'ed up. The exhaust does not smell (like rotten
    eggs), but the exhaust appears to be real hot. I have not checked the EGR
    yet. It seems like it is dragging an anchor. I appreciate any help.
    ysone, Oct 5, 2004
  2. ysone

    TSMANGOD Guest

    I had something similar happen on my 96, but after dealing with it for a
    while, it became very loudly apparent what the trouble was. The brakes were
    sticking. I changed all 4 calipers, and rotors and pad/shoes (I can never
    remember which is which), and it goes, now.
    If you let go of the gas pedal, does it slow down very quickly? If you put
    it in drive and don't push the gas, will you move? These tests are one way to
    find out. Or you could let the Dealer tell you, for about $80, just to look.
    I'm cheaper.
    Good luck,
    TSMANGOD, Oct 6, 2004
  3. ....Is the Service Engine Light coming on, and how do you know the exhaust is
    running "real hot"? (just curious) Sounds like a trip to the dealer, eh?
    Jonnie Santos, Oct 6, 2004
  4. ysone

    ysone Guest

    No service engine light. The computer shows clear. I used a infared
    pyrometer and compared to another Saturn it seems to be running 100-150
    degrees higher. I drove the car again and it does not slow down fast. On a
    flat road it takes about a half mile to reach 50mph, and that is all it
    will do. I jacked up the car and checked the brakes and they are free, non
    appears to be sticking nor is the car pulling due to sticking calipers. I
    also checked the compression and all of the cyls are within 5 lbs of
    factory specs. I am leaning toward a blockage in the exhaust(converter).I
    am hoping to avoid a trip to the dealer, but if I must, I will. Thanks for
    the input.
    ysone, Oct 6, 2004
  5. ysone

    Napalm Heart Guest

    A plugged converter can be dangerous (FIRE). I'd make that the very
    next check.

    Napalm Heart, Oct 6, 2004
  6. ysone

    Shawn Guest

    plugged converter will cause that. I had an old car once that did that and
    it was the converter. I had it taken off and this fixed the peoblem.
    Shawn, Oct 7, 2004
  7. ysone

    saturn_SL2 Guest

    if it acts up after warming up try the two temp sending units on the side
    of the head
    saturn_SL2, Oct 10, 2004
  8. ysone

    ysone Guest

    Thanks for the help guys, but here's the latest. I changed the
    converter......same problem. I checked the OBD again. No trouble codes. I
    have heard that this model has a transmission mounted speed sensor and
    amplifier that feeds input the the computer, and that if this goes bad it
    could cause problems. Has anybody ever heard of this? This problem happens
    hot or cold. I changed the temp sensors in the head....still same problem.
    Saturn dealership is no help when I call to ask for advice, they would
    rather have me bring it in and charge me for something that I could
    probably fix myself. At my wits end!
    ysone, Oct 11, 2004
  9. ysone

    mcgheen2 Guest

    Im a mechanic @ a Saturn dealer and I have a 95. I had a similar problem
    when I rebuilt the motor, I swaped out the intake with a newer one because
    it was cleaner (less work). But infact it was more work, the injectors in
    a 95 only work with a 95(because of the wiring harness and computer). It
    has something to do with the resistance in them. Mine wouldnt pickup right
    away and had some accel prob only in gear, and I tracked it down to the
    injectors. I put my old 95 injectors on, and wallah it works fine. I cant
    gurantee that this will work but id give it a shot if you still have ur old
    95 injectors laying around! =)
    mcgheen2, Oct 21, 2004
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