1994 Saturn SL1 Leaking Sun roof moon roof

Discussion in 'Saturn S-series' started by frederickiniguez, Jul 3, 2004.

  1. I have a problem in my saturn, when it rains outside it rains inside

    I tried putting silicon on the out side of the window, this works well but
    now my window won't open. I know there are drain tubes that may be
    clogged but I don't know where to look. any one have any Ideas?

    Thank you,
    frederickiniguez, Jul 3, 2004
  2. My drain tubes were clogged...not a tough fix...

    The drain tubes are rubber, and the come down your windshield posts,
    draining just behind the wheel well.

    To get to the drain, open the door (you have one on either side), remove the
    air ducting so you can get to the side interior kick panels. Remove the
    kick panels and you'll see a 1/4" rubber hose. The hose is connected to the
    drain and the drain is quite possibly clogged with dust, dirt, pine needles,
    etc. (Mine was coal dust, but I used to work in a power plant. Imagine
    what was in my lungs!)

    Good luck

    Barry in C'ville
    Barry Schnoor, Jul 6, 2004
  3. frederickiniguez

    kh0513 Guest

    What I have found with mine, is that the upper seals on the doors leak. I
    am going to use silicone on mine and see if that works. I have had the
    drains cut, 2 and 3 times, and thats not it. I went to the Saturn dealer
    (dummies they are) and found out it's the seal above the doors, not the
    kh0513, Jul 19, 2004
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