1992 Saturn SL1 Needs A Working AC/Finding Someone To Do It

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by 1992redsaturns1, Jul 6, 2024.

  1. 1992redsaturns1


    Jul 6, 2024
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    My wife is attached to her 1992 Saturn SL1.
    The AC no longer works.
    A local car shop quoted her a price of $2,050 with a one month or 1000 mile warranty.
    The people who usually work on the car say they can't do the conversion to R134a.
    A Chevrolet dealership told her they can't.
    I read that it can be a DYI project but I have to buy a pump, tank, tools, adapter, etc.
    I would prefer that a professional do it but I might be able to if I know what I'm doing.
    Any advice?
    1992redsaturns1, Jul 6, 2024
  2. 1992redsaturns1


    Jun 16, 2024
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    $2050 includes hourly labor rates of (guessing on most parts being replaced) removing/replacing the the compressor (or at the least, flushing out old oil), r&r condenser coil and receiver/filter/drier next to the condenser coil, replacing the thermal expansion valve (configured for r134a from r12), flushing the entire system of oil as r12 oil is incompatible with r134a. New pag oil is needed, new O-rings everywhere, r&r both service valve cores. Rockauto may be the most cost effective place for parts. Autozone has free tool loaners (electric vacuum pump, ac gauges). The key to repairing, restoring vehicle ac systems is ensuring replacement parts have new seals on fittings to seal the system against leaks. Operating pressures; low side between 29-39 psi, high side between 125-250+ psi.
    Nutjob1, Jul 14, 2024
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