02 SC1 starting problem

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Gif J. Peg, Feb 3, 2005.

  1. Gif J. Peg

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    I just bought a 2002 SC1 with 5 speed and only 28k miles.
    Pretty happy with the car, the only problem is that ocassionally I
    have trouble starting it when the engine is cold.
    All I get is a click. That happens 4-5 times, and then it finally
    It doesn't happen all the time. I took it to the dealer, they checked
    out my whole charging system, starter and alternator checked out
    perfect, battery is 90% as good as new. They suspect the solenoid was
    wet. Car was only driven a thousand miles since June 2004. It came
    back from a lease and sat at a dealer's lot for a long time before
    they found a sucker (hmm, me that is). We've had a period of very odd
    weather up here in central Canada in December, one day it would be
    +10, next day -15 and so forth for a two week period. Could this have
    caused the moisture buildup and thus cause starting problems?
    Has anyone else experienced this before?
    Gif J. Peg, Feb 3, 2005

  2. I would get a voltage tester, and check your battery voltage before,
    and during the cranking. I have a feeling you have a battery that 1.
    is undercharged or 2. isn't pushing enough amps to hold voltage.

    That's why the relay is chattering.

    check it out,


    tom @ www.CarFleaMarket.com
    newsgroups01REMOVEME, Feb 3, 2005
  3. Gif J. Peg


    Feb 3, 2024
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    I'm having the same problem. It's not the battery, it's not any of the usual suspects that the chirpy types assume is the problem. In fact, I know exactly what the problem is. The problem is how to fix it.

    I waited too long to change the oil one time and the sensor inside the engine started doing this. The problem now is it won't stop. You leave it sit and eventually it starts.

    The chirpy type, which includes most mechanics, assume they know what the problem is. The trouble is they're always wrong, and they don't listen when you try to explain the real problem to them.
    gsmonks, Feb 3, 2024
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