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Discussion in 'Saturn L-series' started by volcko, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. volcko

    volcko Guest

    My sister has an '02 L. She says she hears a grinding coming from the
    rear. breakes ar 3 years/30,000 miles old. What should i look for?

    volcko, Apr 1, 2008
  2. volcko

    Oppie Guest

    grinding under what conditions? My first guess would be the brakes if the
    grinding is on flat ground while moving. (as opposed to suspension noise
    going over a bump)
    Best to jack up the vehicle and inspect the brakes with the back wheels off.
    Might be just a pebble that got caught between the disc and back plate or
    may be worn pads. Definitely worth checking.

    Does the sound change when the E-Brake is gently applied? The rear brakes
    are compound - disc for regular braking/abs and mini-drum for parking brake.

    While you have it jacked up, grab the wheel at top and bottom and wiggle.
    Repeat wiggling side to side. (use jack stands in case the jack slips)
    Might be a cracked spindle bearing. there should be no wobble/play in the

    The back service brakes are single piston, sliding caliper. My '01Lw had a
    bound up pad that caused uneven wear and poor braking. I used small
    quantities of brake lube (heavy silicone grease) on the sliding surfaces
    after thoroughly cleaning off any rust and ensuring that the pads moved
    smoothly. Hasn't been a problem since.

    Oppie, Apr 1, 2008
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